Our most concern are Customer’s health, Environmental Friendly and Zero waste 

We believe to deliver invisible warmness to our customer through careful of using all material that eco-friendly, accessories and zero-waste design concept to safe our users, environment and community. Also not leaving any unfriendly waste to the earth, we commited by.
1.Use the eco friendly material

Rice Straw Board








Use the eco friendly material we self produce under name of Kokoboard, Material by the Field. Those materials are Rice Straw Board, Rice Husk Board, Peanut Shell Board and Coconut Dust Board. At the moment Rice Straw Board 4, 6 and 10 mm. thicknesses are certified with Upcycle Carbon Footprint from Department of Environmental Quality Promotion, The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand.

Rice Straw Board 4 mm is Green House Gas avoidable at 11.51 kgCO2e, altogether with safe 1 tree.

Rice Straw Board 6 mm is Green House Gas avoidable at 17.42 kgCO2e, altogether with safe 1 tree.

Rice Straw Board 6 mm is Green House Gas avoidable at 29.18  kgCO2e, altogether with safe 2 trees.


2. Safety with non-VOC Color
Lacquer water based technical data

We use a standard class conventional air drying lacquer water based which design and develop for Piecefull specifically. This is safe to our staff and consumer.


3. Zero Waste Design
Zero waste by Piecefull
Zero waste1 by Piecefull
Zero waste 2 by Piecefull







Some parts may left over after one order or some mistake may occur during production and cause of wastes in place.

Zero Waste Design is the most concern at beginning and necessary at the final for some project with unexpected end. We try deeply not leaving much work/waste to nature by benefit the using of raw material from the field and farm efficiency and not bothering earth to balance this world so hard.

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