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Founder’s Message

” Deliver Invisible Warmness” is the whole concept.

Love, Hope and Warmth is somewhere around, even you don’t see but it is around. PIECEFULL is sister brand of KOKOBOARD, the social enterprise who is small manufuacture for eco material from agricultural residue in Thailand. Our plan is to promote community to do the eco board business locally while we support them the training, marketing and selling, however this stage we need partners. Those are the reason why give the born of, PIECEFULL, to deliver love, hope and warmth from us, from community to the city through products made of agriculture boards. Moreover PIECEFULL would convey the solution from sustainable production to consumer in the city in the manner of Eco Gift, Souvenir, Premium and Products for Hotel, including OEM service


Delivering Happiness, Hope, Warmth, Commitment, and Love to people through Material by the Field we discovered. Piecefull is another step beyond to connect people to nature and farmer’s community  with gift, souvenir and lifestyle product. Our products made of material that receive Upcycle Carbon Footprint Certification with Non-VOC color for all pieces. We think with care before deliver to you.

Piecefull is lifestyle product which good as gift for yourself and work as promotion gift for organisation as a CSR tools. Each item will come up with information of GHG you can avoid which is friendly to cool the globe.

Organic Lifestyle

The rooted idea is  how lifestyle could respect towards nature.
Neither up tempo nor down tempo,
just cherishing each moment filled with life, living along with nature…
We call this way of living, “The Organic Lifestyle”


Garden Factory (Soon)

Our factory lies in the middle of the little jungle we create.
There, human and nature are coexistent.
The faint chirping of the birds, the hay stacked up in the factory—
There is a “natural warmth” that can only be produced here.

Upperview from Drone
Upper view from Drone
Inside Garden Factory
Inside Garden Factory


Garden Factory Tour


About Thai Farmers

We team up with the farmers and work together for each other’s benefits.
The hay that we use to make our products all come from the farmers around,
enabling them to have a secondary income.
Later on, we plan to provide them with sustainable technology and know-how,
which may help them find a new source of income in the future, in the home land.

Not only do, we aim to show respect and gratitude towards farmers,
but we also make effort in eradicating negative images against them.
Until we achieve our goals, our team will never give up.




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